We have two boats with and can organize tours from one up to 26 person


Agreed prices for services include transport services and, if desired, arrangements for food and drink, as well as other facilities.


All passengers are required to comply with the stipulated rules, which are a prerequisite for a comfortable ride and safety of passengers.


Price is calculated per hour of driving, which is agreed and which will be in accordance with your requirements.

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Skadarlake is the largest lake in the Blkans. 2/3 of the lake belongs of the Montenegro, while 1/3 lies territory of the Republic Albania. Skadar lake is well-know ac singificant residence of birds with about 275 species. It is rich with fish. It has approximately about 40 differend species. The richenss of plant species on and around the Lake is a real paradise for nature lovers. Lake has about 50 Islands and on 5 of them are built Ortodox monasteries.




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