1h- Island Lesendro

Lesendro is an island and fortress on Skadar lake, located near the village Vranjina. The fortress was built in the 18th century. During the reign of Bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegos, it served as a defense against Turkish attacks.
Tour Plan: Departure is from Virpazar.We start the cruise with a small canal of river Crmnica, after which we come to open the lake. By boat, we pass under the bridge which is part of the main road Podgorica-Bar.Lesendro is located just behind the bridge. A short break for swimming is also included.



2h - Lesendro Andrijska Gora

After a small canal leading from Virpazar and connecting us to Skadar Lake, we pass by the fortress Lesendro. Then we enter the mouths of river Moraca into Skadar lake and there is a small bird reserve. The cruise continues with a large expanse of Skadar lake, covered with water lilies and other floating plants. We round the tour with 3 islands (Mala and Velika Cakovica and Kamenik) with beautiful small channels, and of course break for swimming.



3h - Monastery Kom

The monastery Kom is located on small island Andrijska Gora, closed to Zabljak Crnojevica, where river Crnojevic flows into the western section of Lake Skadar. In this monastery, Petar II Petrovic Njegos, the greatest Montenegrin ruler and poet, became a priest. The oldest frescoes in Monastery Kom are from the 15th century.
Tour Plan: This tour is highly recommended. Like other tours, it starts from Virpazar, continuing through the small beautiful canal that leads up to open lake. On the way to the monastery, we pass through small canals with beautiful flowers. From the monastery we beautiful view of Skadar lake. After all, we take a break for swimming from the boat or on the beach.



4h - Poseljani

Poseljani is a village on the shore of Lake Skadar, in the village there were once 14 mills, known for beautiful waterfalls. The waterfall at the top of the village is the largest and the most beautiful. Descending towards the lake, we can see numerous smaller and hidden waterfalls.
Tour Plan: The cruise from Virpazar to abandoned village Poseljani is very interesting for guests who like active routs. We hike for about 800m, up to the wonderful waterfalls and to abandoned water mills. Our guests love to refresh with the waterfalls, which we warmly recommend.



5h - Karuc

Karuc is a small fishing village on the shore of Lake Skadar. It is very popular in summer and is visited by people who want to enjoy pure nature and a beautiful view.Karuc is small but huge in terms of historical importance and natural beauty.
Toru Plan: Like other tours, we start this cruise from Virpazar with the beautiful channel of river Crmnica, after which we exit to the open lake. After passing the bridge, we pass by the fortress Lesendro and the bird reserve. After 2h drive, we arrive in Karuc, then walk for about 10 min to a place with a beautiful panoramic view. After all, we take a break for swimming.



6h - River Crnojevic

The River Crnojevic is a small town on the river of the same name. It is one of the most beautiful small towns in Montenegro. In the place, the remains of historical buildings are preserved. During the 19th century, the River Crnojevic was the largest Montenegrin port and leading shopping center 
Tour Plan: Like other tours, we start from Virpazar, continuing through the small that leads us to the open lake. On the way to the River Crnojevic, we pass through many canals with beautiful flowers. After 2h 30 min drive, we arrive at River Crnojevic, where you have a free 30-40min to visit the town. After all, in the return, we take a break for swimming.




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